Bhutan Grand Prix


1. How is it different from any other normal compound tournament held in Bhutan?

Ans: Traditional Bhutanese archery and international compound archery differ in a number of ways. When it comes to traditional archery tournaments, the target is fixed at 145 meters and contestants shoot in two directions. During those competitions, the players either utilize compound bows or bamboo bows, no accessories are allowed, and the arrows used by the players are aluminum.

All participants must utilize accessories in international compound archery, and the archer views his target through a scope with a magnifying lens in addition to a sight pin. In the World Archery Championships and Archery World Cup, but not in the Olympics, a compound competition is held. In a compound event, the objective is placed at 50 meters. The target face is 80cm in diameter, with the innermost 10-point ring 8cm in diameter, and all archers shoot in one direction only, unlike traditional Bhutanese archery, where alcohol use is prohibited.


2.A brief description of the compound archery accessories?

Ans: In the compound archery there are three accessories which are sights, trigger or release-aids, and quivers.

Sights are the one piece of equipment that every player concentrates on when drawing their bow. There are numerous multi-pin and single-pin options available. There are varied yardages for each pin in terms of sight, but the average is 10 yards per pin.

Release aids/triggers: encourages consistent shots and smaller groups. Choose between a wrist-strap trigger-finger release and a portable thumb-button release. Some archers use hand-held thumb releases to relieve target tension.

Quivers secure your arrows, making them accessible for shooting and arranged for transport.


3.What are some of the benefits to the participant?

Ans: Those who have completed our registration form will be granted free access to a coaching class on how to utilize compound archery equipment. Winners and those selected for the Asian Game will get attractive cash prizes, and the top four archers will receive training and a stipend during the training.


4.Who all can participate?

Ans: It is an open tournament, anyone can participate.


5.Future prospects if the tournament?

  • Create a platform to popularize international style compound archery
    Conduct game changing tournaments on a regular basis
  • Take advantage of the tournaments to select talents
  • Study and develop a fusion archery style format (traditional x international)
  • Institute national ranking system and tournaments (e.g. ATP ranking)
  • Encourage private archery tournament organizers to adopt international style compound archery or fusion archery tournaments
  • Upgrade Bhutan Grand Prix into international tournament


Institute high performance program:

  • Form a sustainable fulltime compound team with clear succession plan in place
  • Develop compound archery coaches capacity or hire an elite compound archery coach
  • Explore opportunities for bilateral competitions and training camps