Bhutan Grand Prix

General Information

FormatRanking round followed by elimination round

Date: 23rd June to 25th June,2023

Venue: Archery Range, Bhutan Archery Federation, Langjophakha -Thimphu

Prize money for top 3 archers

Top 4 top archer for South Asian Game -March 2024

Rulebook for Bhutan Grand Prix (Adapted from the World Archery rules for compound Archery)


  1. The 2nd edition of the Bhutan Grand Prix will be open to both men and women 
  2. During the ranking rounds, each archer shall shoot 12 sets, consisting of 6 arrows per set culminating in a total of 72 arrows per archer
  3. In the elimination rounds, an archer will play against another archer based on their rankings as determined from the ranking rounds. In this regard, the top archer shall face the last ranked archer, and so on and so forth, where the winners shall then progress to the next round. This shall continue until the last 4 archers are left.  In the elimination rounds, each archer will shoot 3 arrows x 5 sets, the archer with the highest accumulated score shall progress to the next round  
  4. In the final rounds, the 4 archers qualifying from the elimination rounds, shall play a series of individual matches, each match consisting of 3 arrows x 5 sets with cumulative scoring, culminating in the Gold and Bronze Medal matches. The archers shall shoot alternately 1 arrow at a time,  in a sequence determined by a coin toss in the first set. In subsequent sets, the archer with the lower score shoots first
  5. In case of a tie in any of the matches, the tie should be decided by a fourth arrow before the reorganization of the groups takes place 
  6. The use of sight and mechanical release (Trigger) are mandatory
  7. The use of a leveling bubble, scope that contains a magnifying lens, D-loop, launcher blade (Arrow rest) and stabilizers, including long rods and short rods, are also allowed. 
  8. The maximum poundage of the bow should be 50-60

Do’s and Dont’s during the tournament 

  1. Archers must accompany the official scorer after each set to record the score. Archers must stay vigilant during scoring, checking both the target and the scoresheet, to ensure scores are not manipulated accidentally or on purpose by calling or inputting the wrong arrow value. Any change in score must be signed by the archer and a judge
  2. Archers should ensure their equipment complies with the rules, as it will be checked by the judges before the start of the events, with additional spot checks during the competition when necessary, and report any suspicious equipment
  3. In the ranking round, an extra time of upto 30 minutes shall be provided for equipment failure or the treatment of unexpected medical problems
  4. In the elimination and final rounds, no extra time shall be allowed for equipment failure or the treatment of unexpected medical problems
  5. Archers should educate themselves on anti-doping rules, which are found in the World Archery Rulebook, including the prohibited substances list


  1. Archers, officials, organizers and any related persons are not allowed to bet on a sport or competition in which they are involved

Course Layout

  1. Archers will shoot over a distance of 50 meters at a target face measuring 80 cms in diameter, with a 10-ring measuring 8 cms in diameter. The target faces are colored yellow, red and blue rings
  2. At all targets, same distance shooting pegs shall be placed to allow at least three archers to shoot at the same time from either side of the shooting peg
  3. All targets shall be numbered in succession from 1 to 10. The numbers placed on the target shall be clearly visible to archers. The corresponding target number shall also be placed 5-10 meters before the shooting pegs 
  4. The semi final and final consist of 2 marked targets in each match 

Shooting Control and Safety

  1. The head judge shall also take the role of the Director of Shooting
  2. The Director of Shooting shall enforce any reasonable safety measures he/she considers necessary. The duties include:
  • Controlling the shooting, regulating the timing of ends, and the order in which the athletes shall occupy the shooting line
  • Exercising control over the use of the audio equipment, the activities of photographers, and spectators so that athletes are not disturbed
  • Ensuring that spectators remain behind the barriers enclosing the venue
  • Giving a series of not less than five sound signals for all shooting to cease, in the case of an emergency. One sound signal shall be given for shooting to continue
  • The Director of Shooting, in consultation with the Judges, has authority to extend the time limit in exceptional circumstances. Any such special ruling introduced shall be announced to the athletes before having effect

Shooting Conduct

  1. Archers may not raise the bow arm until the signal to start shooting is given
  2. Except for persons with disabilities, archers shall shoot from a standing position and without support with their body above the shooting line
  3. An arrow may be considered not to have been shot if:
    1. the arrow falls from the bow or is miss-shot and a part of the arrow shaft lies within the zone between the shooting line and the 3m line, and provided the arrow has not rebounded; 
    2. the target face or butt blows over, the Judges shall take whatever measures they deem necessary, and compensate for adequate time for shooting the relevant number of arrows
  4. No athlete may touch the equipment of another without the latter’s consent. Serious cases may lead to penalties being applied

Order of shooting and timing control 

  1. When three archers shoot on a single target buttress with three target faces: archer A shall shoot at the bottom left of the target face, B shall shoot at the top target face and C shall shoot at the bottom of the right target face
  1. In the 1/8 Elimination Round, the organisers may assign one or two archers to one target buttress. They shall go to the target buttress to check score and collect the arrows along with the official scorer
  2. In the 1/4 Finals Round there shall be one archer per target buttress. The archers shall go to the target buttress to check score and collect the arrows, along with the official scorer 
  3. In the ranking rounds, archers shall be given 4 minutes per set (6 arrows) 
  4. In the elimination rounds, archers shall be given 2 minutes per set (3 arrows) 
  5. In the final arounds, archers shall be given 20 seconds per arrow, for alternate shooting
  6. No archers shall occupy the shooting line except when the appropriate signal has been given
  7. In the ranking rounds, the targets are assigned as per the alphabetical name of the archers and individual shooting targets will be named ABC according to numbers of participants


  1. National judges appointed by BAF shall be responsible for timing and target checking
  2. There will be 1 official scorer for each target buttress to record scores of the archers assigned to their respective target buttress, after completion of each set 
  3. Head judge/director of shooting shall be responsible for managing shooting line and 3mtr line
  4. There are three colors on the target— 2 light blue rings with the score of 6 and 5, 2 red rings with the score 8 and  7, and 2 gold rings with the score of 10 and 9. Should an arrow land on the line dividing two rings, the higher score shall be recorded
  5. Archers shall check the value of each arrow. However, in case of disagreement between the official scorer and the archer, the scorer shall call the assigned Judge who makes the final decision
  6. None of the arrows, the target face or butt shall be touched until the value of all the arrows on that butt has been recorded
  7. All arrow holes in the scoring zone shall be suitably marked by the archers every time the arrows are scored and drawn from the target face
  8. The result management team shall not accept or record scorecards that have not been signed by the official scorer and athlete, or that do not contain the sum total, and/or the number of 10’s and/or the number of X’s and/or which contain mathematical errors
  9. In the event of a tied score, the ranking of the results shall be determined by greatest number of 10’s (including inner 10’s) & Greatest number of X’s (inner 10’s)
  10. In case, if the archer shoots an extra arrow, his/her highest point will be deducted 

Questions and Disputes

  1. The decision of that Judges shall be final and binding
  2. Questions regarding any published results shall be lodged with the Judges without any undue delay, and in any event shall be lodged in time to allow corrections to be made before the official declaration of results

Dress Regulations 

  1. All archers shall be dressed in uniform , T-shirt issued by the Federation
  2. Judges and official scorers should be dressed in the uniform issued by the Federation


Dress-code rules and regulations during the event

During the Bhutan GrandPrix, athletes and team officials shall dress in sports clothing on the field of play.

  1. All participants shall be dressed in the uniform approved by the organizing committee. Two pairs of T-Shirts with their names shall be provided to all the participants prior to the actual event;
  2. All participants shall also wear black/navy blue trousers only to maintain the uniformity during the event and no denim or jeans, regardless the color, or camouflage clothes may be worn nor any oversize or baggy type pants or shorts;
  3. Team officials may wear a different style but should wear the same colors and should be easily identifiable as the officials of the event;
  4. Due to weather conditions, protective clothing such as rain gears may be worn with prior approval by the technical team of the event;
  5. Headwear (black or navy blue) and eye wear is optional;
  6. During the event with the TV coverage, undershirts, compression shirts or sleeves may be used on condition that they match the predominant colors of the shirt or are white;
  7. Sports shoes or walking boots shall be worn by all the athletes and officials, these may be different styles but shall cover the entire foot and no scandals, flip-flops or open toe footwear will be allowed during the event;
  8. All athletes, coaches and officials must present a professional, athletic appearance while on the field;
  9. At no time will athletes or officials wear any article bearing an image or language that’s offensive in their uniforms;
  10. All participants shall undergo uniform inspection a few days prior to the main event.