Bhutan Grand Prix

Event Information

Format: Ranking round followed by elimination round

Date: 23rd June to 25th June,2023

Venue:  Archery Range, Bhutan Archery Federation, Langjophaka-Thimphu

Prize money for top 3 archers

Shortlist 8 top archer for South Asian Games Selection pool


Currently, there are only about 20 to 25 archers with accessories and none of the shops have any stock readily available. Hence, in order to mitigate this concern, BAF will facilitate the procurement of accessories like sights and scope for interested archers from S.S.A Archery in Belgium at reasonable rates (about Nu. 2,500 – 3,000 for a sight and scope set)

Familiarization coaching

A week long coaching session will be provided by BAF for all interested registered participants, to tune and familiarize the use of accessories.

Detailed Schedule on the competition

TimelineActivity Format
One week One week coaching will be given by BAF for the interested registered participants to familiarize the use of accessories-Safety
- Bow set up.
- Basic shooting steps.
- Trigger with rope.
- FITA??? WA shooting Rule.
-Shooting at an empty target (20 mtrs.)
One month All participants will be divided and trained for one month A month long self-training for the archers
Event DaysBhutan Grand Prix: Ranking round (Day 1 and 2)-1/64 arrows x 2 sets followed by elimination (3 arrows x 5 rounds)
- 26 Archers will be eliminated.
Bhutan Grand Prix: Elimination round (Day 3 and 4) -1/32 arrows (3 arrows X 5 rounds)
-16 Archers will be eliminated.
Event DaysBhutan Grand Prix - Semi Finals (Day 5)-1/16 archers
-8 archers will be eliminated
Bhutan Grand Prix - Finals (Day 5)-Top 3 will be awarded prizes
-Top 8 archers will be selected for Hangzhou AG 2022 pool


Cash Prize for the top 3 Archers

First Price
Nu 100,000
Second Prize
Nu 80,000
Third prize
Nu 60,000